September 14: Product/Service Management Mini-Project

Get a Plan, Stan...

You will work with your team to create a product planning cycle for a sports ball. Here’s what you will do.
1. Conduct internet research on your ball. Who are the major producers for this ball? In your estimation, which manufacturer produces the best quality ball? How does this company market the ball?
2. Go to: . On this site you will find a product planning cycle. Read through this site with your team. Make sure you understand the steps to the cycle and who the stakeholders in the cycle are.
3. Working with your team, create a product planning cycle for A NEW COMPANY that will produce the sports ball you chose. Here are some questions you will need to consider:
a. What materials will you need to create a ball that is as good as or better than the major player(s) current in this market?
b. Who will you involve for input?
c. What type of analysis will you need?
d. What will be your marketing strategy?
e. What type of tech support will you need?
f. What will we name your product?
4. Be creative in this process. Be detailed in this process. Use the website listed about to help your team create a report (with visuals) that includes all five sections of the Product Planning Cycle listed there.
5. Be prepared to present your findings/ideas to the class.