images.jpg7 Keys Assignment

Intro: I’ve learned that Rawlings the major selling baseball company has a very unique way of making their baseballs. It is that Rawlings uses 108 stitches to attach the leather to the ball. It also takes a week for a baseball to be made. As Vice President of Hadale sports I know we can produce this product faster, better and dominate over Rawlings. Hadel sports can do this by doubling the stitches to 216 so the ball will have a less chance of bursting on impact of the bat. Hadel sports will put three rubber spots for your pointer, middle, and ring finger. This will give the pitcher a better grip to throw a fast ball. Another thing is that their ball is slightly waterproof. Tech sports are fully waterproof.
• Customers: What kind of quality do you want in a baseball? Is there something special you want to see added/subtracted?
• Sales: What can we do in manufacturing a new baseball that would make your job easier? What kind of features have your customers asked you for?
• Engineering: Would you prefer to use machinery or your hand? Or half and half.
• Tech Support: Would you like a number where you can call that will be open 24/7 for support or questions? Or a website where you can ask questions in an email?
• Market Analysis: Would are endorsements/sponsors help are ball sell? Who are the best pitchers to test this ball?
• Competition: Is our product better than theirs? If not can you let us know how we can make it better?

Slogan: If you hit it we throw it.