Golf it away

Manufacturers of the new standard generation of fine golf balls. We guarantee the best quality in our products. Our golf ball goes through a new intense high tech process. Lasers are used to accurately make sure the ball is a perfect sphere. Leading manufactures can only offer less.
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Our golf balls are made of Surlyn, a very durable plastic.We have two piece and three piece golf balls. We also have a new state of the art machine that enables us to use a computer with a laser. The laser can make the golf ball a perfect sphere. With this new technology we are able to produce a three piece ball 10 days faster than the leading golf ball manufacturer. Like many know, our competitors take thirty days to make a three-piece golf ball. Now which one sounds better to you? And just because our balls are quicker, doesn't make them any less reliable. They still provide the quality and reliability our competitors do.

The United States Golf Association specifies that a golf ball must weigh no more than 1.620 ounces, be spherical in shape and be no less than 1.68-inches in diameter. This is called "The American Ball".
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The "British Ball" is a teensy bit smaller, at 1.62-inches. That may seem like too tiny a difference to mean anything tangible. But that 3.7% difference in diameter translates into 7.5% less wind that the ball must cut through during flight.
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You know those mail-order balls with the secret name, guaranteed to add 20 yards to your drive?
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Those are British Balls, which are illegal for use in play sanctioned by The USGA and now even in tournaments of The Royal and Ancient Club.

Product Ideas Refine-
As we already mentioned, our goal is to get the perfect spherical shape in our balls. And we make sure it's made of the highest quality material out there. We inject a highly dense helium gas into the golf balls to ensure the ball maintains its maximum range. We also polish the dimples on the ball to maintain stability in flight, we've also resized the dimples to make sure the golf ball has the perfect trajectory.
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Unlike our competitors who offer mis-shaped golf balls like this one:
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