Intro: Our company name is GiBris. We want to specialize in making the best quality basketball’s for the NWBA. We took the Zi/O composite leather concept which is used for the NBA balls made by Spalding®, which happens to be the world’s leading seller in basketball’s period. The Zi/o composite leather gives the ball a good bounce and superior grip which is always needed on the court in wheelchair basketball. We feel our quality made balls could help revolutionize the sport itself.
Customers: The customers we are trying to attract to our balls are professionals that play wheelchair basketball, handicap kids in the community to inspire them to play.
Sales: Ask questions to find out what we can do to improve our product.
Engineering: Find the best people to help make our ball better and do research and construct it better also.
Tech Support: People can call in and report problems they have with the ball and tell us new ides we can use for it.
Competition: Try to find ways to be out the competition and get more sales.

external image 1210817460425-1007027345.gifWheel Make It Bounce...
Product Ideas Refined:
Proposal A: Our product is the GiBris™ CBG 2010 Basketball. This ball is manufactured for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA). We’ve added the same technology that Spalding has added to the official NBA ball which is the Zi/O composite leather which gives the ball superior grip and great handling which is very important when it comes down to wheelchair basketball.

Products Approved:
Proposal A: This product is suited and approved for the NWBA.

Development Initiated: Our basketball is 27.7 inches and a circumference of 29.5. It weighs 19-21 ounces. The diameter is 8.39 inches. The materials for our ball as you know include the Zi/o composite leather for great grip, also rubber piping for the ribs of the ball. The special leather allows you to play both indoor and outdoor with the ball without any damage.