Introduction- What we discovered about our soccer ball is that one of the main producers of soccer balls is PUMA because they are a better quality ball for a decent price. In the manufacturing of the soccer ball we found out that they needed a Butyl Bladder to withhold air inside the ball. Next the balls contained a poly-lining around the bladder to ensure the ball kept its form after long term use. Some other companies used EVA foam backers to maintain shape and used for padding. Outside either the foam or the poly-lining there was either a TPU or PU casing that is machine stitched on to the ball. For multi-surface balls the casing is nylon-winded, to ensure that the ball has long lasting durability on any turf.
Our business, L.U.C.K. Enterprises, is strictly online. This way the customer can send in unique and personal designs, so that they can have their own personalized ball. We make a prototype of the ball in a program and we have the customer give the “o.k.,” on the product. Then we manufacture the ball on a clear casing of TPU that is nylon-winded. Our unique clear TPU design enables us to put thin oval panels of stitching, this way the ball stays spherical, goes where you want it to, and makes sure that the customer’s design is clearly shown. The center of our soccer balls will contain a poly-lined Butyl Bladder, with airlock, for outstanding performance without going flat. The design of the ball is called the L.U.C.K. B.O.G.

Customers- personal designs be able to go for a long time in any climate.
Engineering- What machines do we need?
Tech Support- need to know if we need upgrades on ink and stitching. What kind of programs should we use for the customers to make their designs?
Market Analysis- where should we test the balls durability, performance and design before delivering to the customer? Who exactly will be our competitors in the soccer Ball creation business? external image adidas_footbal_16.jpg

Product Approved-It's there product, they already approve of it.
Market Requirements Refined-Take it to the players of the game and show them personalized balls made by the customers. Show them that we're open to any ideas. We'll use internet adds, possibly on Google or some of the popular social networks.
Development Initiated-We will send an animated video of the ball and how it will look during the day, night, during different weather conditions and it's stages of use. Also how it will look after 5 years. All of are balls are the same exept for the design on the out side and if any new manufacturing designs become evalible we will inform the customer.

1.You want it you got it.
2. You think it we make it.
3. L.U.C.K.- Living, Unique, Cool, Killer.