They are many producers of volleyball. They range from beach volleyballs to indoor volleyballs. Major companies that produce volleyballs are, Spalding, Wilson, and Tachikara. These producers are one of the best producers of volleyballs because of the materials the balls are made out of. The balls are made out of full-grain leather. But what is unique of the Wilson volleyballs are that most of the balls are official size and weight. Wilson’s balls are also NFHS, National Federation of High School Associations, and USA volleyball approved. Another reason why the Wilson balls are special is because of their rare latex power linning and its “I-COR” construction. Our company, Armstrong, proposes to make volleyball with a sensor inside the ball that detects whether a ball is inbounds or out of bounds so it can have better calling. When the ball detects when it’s out of bounds the sensor make a noise that beeps.

Customers: Volleyball players other Sport companies
Sells: Online and stores
Engineering: Factories

Tech Support: The sensor in the volleyball
Market Analysis: Get it tested by a professional volleyball player
Competition: Against Spalding, Wilson, and Tachikara