A tennis ball is usually made from the two rubber cores that are cemented together. They are then covered in either wool or synthetic felt. They are then compressed and filled with pressure, which gives them their bounciness. The amount of pressure in a ball, their size, their weight and the material that it is covered with all are factors of how effective a tennis ball is. This makes each tennis ball very different from each other on how they play. From the research that we have gathered, dunlop makes the most durable and high quality tennis balls. They analyze all of the resources that they use to make their tennis ball is of high standard. Our company Anon will make a tennis ball that is consistent and will not lose it fuzz.

Our product is geared more towards the everyday player than the pros. We want to make a high quality product that is more readily available because we found that with the other high quality balls like Dunlop they are much harder to find and much more expensive, so we will make a cheaper product that you can get at any major sports store. Our product will be a pressurized ball because though overtime they lose their pressure and become unable to use, more people choose them over un-pressurized ones because they don't like the woody feel of the un-pressurized ones. As far as the fuzz is concerned we want to make a ball that has the right amount of fuzz, because if there is too much fuzz then the ball will play much slower and sloppier, but if there is not enough fuzz then the ball will have no control and it will go everywhere. The only way to find out where that level of fuzz is is by trial and error until we can get the perfect ball that is long lasting and plays well from start to finish.

Product Ideas Refined:
We will make a pressurized ball that is relatively cheap and easy to find in major stores. It will be long lasting and wont lose its fuzz quickly. When we get this product gets up and running ,it first of all should not be expensive to produce and secondly it will out sell even the best of the tennis balls out there.

Market Requirements Refined:
We will be selling to average everyday players so it has to be cheap and long lasting so that they can buy a bunch at once and have it last them a long time. We will also make a more aerodynamic ball but with enough drag that players can still control where the ball is going not just have it going all over the place.

Development Initiated:
this ball will take longer in the planning and developing stage but once the amount of fuzz and how pressurized the ball is gets all set in stone then producing it should be quick easy and efficiant if you have the right equipment. It will then be distributd to all major sports stores not just online of in specialty stores.

Slogan: Don't just feel it. Get it.
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