The 7 keys project
The major producers that create the football are Wilson, Nike, Adidas, and Spalding. The best producer would have to be Wilson, because high school, college, and the NFL use’s the ball. The way Wilson markets its new_footballproduct is by using the most watch sport in the US. Since people see that the NFL uses the brand Wilson, the people are going to want to buy it. Wilson has been creating its football since 1941. The way Wilson creates their product is through high tech machines. The materials used to create a Wilson football is cut cow hide, lock stitch panels, pounded seems, and insert lace covers.
The customers that we are interested in selling our product would have to be the age group that consists of 11 and up. We are really focusing on the high school students because we think that’s going to be our best economic chance. The football product we are selling ranges from the price twenty to fifty dollars. As for engineering goes we are going to make the product from the top of the line cow leather. This should help the product last longer and would make the consumer happy. Our Tech support answers any questions through email or phone call. For market analysis we are going to have the NFL Pros test our product and see their view of our football. After we pursue the players we hope that they enjoy the product, so then we are going to put our product against the other major compands.

Product Ideas Refined-
Our product is the MgM. This ball is maufacture for any sports level of football. We have made the product out of a special type of cow leather for superior grip. We also believe that we have invested the time and effort for this product to sale.

Product Approved- Product is approved and suited for all levels of football.

Development Initiated-
The mass of the football ranges in numbers due to so many levels of football. The materials use for our ball includes a special type of cow leather to help the consumer with a better grip on the football. It also includes lock stitch panels, pounded seems, and lace covers.

Slogan- Catch Your Confidence!