Apple Pie in the Window

Preliminary Research

It officially started in the 1920 with a man named A.C. Robertson, he played the fiddle. The first country singer to be known country wide was Vernon Dalhart. This genre started in Texas.
Some artists that have defined this genre were Willy Nelson one of the first to play outlaw country, Ray Charles Who started country soul, Bob Wills started Honky Tonk and Dolly Parton who did pop country. Some of the most known artists came from country music Such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Grath Brooks.
The demographic for country music is People who wear boots, cowboy hats, belt buckles, trucks and 41% are in between the ages of 25-44. More woman then men listens to country music and most are single.
Many popular bands in this genre market themselves through the rodeo fairs, carnivals, concerts, commercials and merchandise.
They perform in Rodeos, carnivals and fairs. They perform in cities like Nashville, Austin and Kansas City.

[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_music %20http:windowsillbakeshop.com/sitebuilder/images/ApplePieWindow-256x163.jpg|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_music ]]
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Assignment 1- Band Naming and Logo Design
Assignment 2- Band/Artist Biography
Band Biography
  • Band Name: Apple Pie in the Window
  • Music style: Country
  • Members: Alex Richardson- Lead Guitar, lead vocals; Keith Shannon- Drums/Percussion, back-up Guitar; Robert Arnold- Banjo, back-up vocals
  • Discography: Apple Pie in the Window (2009)
  • History: They all were born in Houston, Texas, and met in Spring Woods High. As they gradually moved on they realized that country was a big role in our daily lives and decided to act on this instinct and formed Apple Pie in the Window. Each one of these groupmembers brought something unique to the band. Keith began drumming at an early age after his parents found he had a natruel tallent with beats. Over his long hours of having fun playing the drums he developed a world class talent. Alex tought by his dad how to sooth the crowds with his beautiful music. Robert started picking his banjo strings when he was 15 and picked up his bass playing a year later when trying to explore new instruments. They started playing in talent shows at there school and after their talent was discovered they started getting gigs at small country bars. After making some money and gaining popularity they made their first CD (Apple Pie in the Window). This CD is now known for its laid back style in the mood of the music giving a feel good feeling to anyone who listens to it. Because of the popularity of their their first CD the band is going to do their first tour in 2010 which hopefully will be a great success.

Assignment 3- Tour Name/Sponsor
Tour Name:
Best Pies in America 2010 presented by Coca-Cola & Cool Whip.

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www.kraftfoodscompany.com/.../ cool_whip.jpg
external image Coca-Cola_logo5.gifwww.fultonschools.org/ school/dunwoodysprings

This tour name is a play on words to promote the band, and we chose Coca Cola because it is a truely American product like country music. We chose Cool Whip because it goes really well with apple pie.

Assignment 4 - Concert Tour Research

View George Strait, Reba McEntire 'Twang tour in a larger map
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www.kmks.com/kmks/ photos/george2.jpg
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emol.org/.../artists/ mcentire/Reba3LOres.jpg

Assignment #5 Plot the Tour

View Best Pies in America 2010 in a larger map

Assignment 6
Our ticket prices will range depending on the size of the venue. Smaller venues could be about 50-75 dollar but large venues could be 15-35 dollars.

Assignment 7 Tour Bus Design
Assignement 8 Compact Disc Cover Design
cd.pngpicutre found at http://saintjosephsymphony.org/media/content/Classic_Apple_Pie.jpg

Assignment 9 Concert Poster Design-

Assignement 10 T-Shirt Desgin
Front of Shirt Back of Shirt
Publication1.jpgbacktshirt.jpgshirt- window found at http://illinoiscontractor.net/images/Double%20Hung%20Window.jpg http://www.foodclipart.com/_small/0511-0906-0116-2210.jpg

Assignment 11 Stage Design-

Assignment 12- Back Stage Pass

Assinment 13-Video